How we grew Sweet Potatoes - SWFL


🍠Who doesn’t LOVE Sweet Potatoes?!

I have been asked on multiple occasions since posting our Sweet Potato success, to share how we did it! I would like to inform y’all of what worked for us in our area of South West Florida.

We used Store Bought - Organic Jewel Yam (Sweet Potato) We used the slip and root method to get the process going! Use tooth picks to keep the other half outside of the mason jar. I would personally suggest making sure the sweet potato is about half way inside the water at all times... if you notice slips aren’t growing strong on the top, I would slice it and put that piece in water for it to root and grow slips as well.

After being inside the house for about 2 months, slips are growing nice leaves & roots look strong... gently break the slips with roots attached off of the sweet potato. Plant them individually into the ground!

They do grow like ground cover so be sure the area is blocked off specifically for them. Make sure the ground is prepped and cleaned prior to planting. You don’t want to risk ants getting to them underground. Otherwise, they will take over and mix the growing slips with weeds etc. Although Sweet Potatoes will tolerate almost any planting site, I suggest going with a clean, well kept area so you can track their progress!

Select a spot that’s full sun for about 6-8 hours of the day! Keep in mind Sweet Potatoes must be planted in a well-drained, fine sandy loam soil with a slightly acidic pH 5 to 7.5. To be honest we did not test PH prior to planting our first batch! We were still successful. Testing the PH allows the Sweet Potato to grow but not remain in a moist environment that can cause root rot and disease. Keep a close eye on the area and make sure standing water is not an issue. 

Sweet potato plants are heat-loving, low-maintenance garden vegetables. They have a vining growth habit and the plants establish quickly. They are a staple in most households and can truly be a great, easy growing addition to your garden and homestead!

I will do my best to document and take photos of our next planting so you can see exactly how it’s done! Let us know if you have any additional questions and we will be happy to answer them! As always, we hope you enjoy our Tips from The Ranch! 💚

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