Premium Backyard Beard Buttah
Premium Backyard Beard Buttah
Premium Backyard Beard Buttah
Premium Backyard Beard Buttah
Premium Backyard Beard Buttah

Premium Backyard Beard Buttah

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Our Beard Buttah is formulated to aid in lice prevention, will help you tame flyaway hairs, style your beard to the perfect shape without the clumpy or greasy feeling most butters create. Our Buttah locks in a deep condition and pairs wonderfully with our Premium Backyard Beard Oil especially with longer lengths. It will leave your beard soft and manageable, smelling great, and has a light to medium hold which allows you to style your beard to perfection and have it last all day. Made from Unrefined Organic Shea and Mango Butter. Naturally softens the skin, moisturizes and ideal for everyday use. 

  • Cruelty-Free
  • All Natural Organic Ingredients
  • No Preservatives
  • Relieves Itchiness
  • Conditions Skin


Scrape a small amount of buttah from the tin. Rub it between your palms until it melts. Stroke it through using the finger up and out method. Pat in place for desired style.

Warm weather shipping notice

At times when we are shipping during the warm weather months, our Buttah may soften or even melt during shipping. Our products are natural and therefore this process is normal. The quality and benefits will NOT be affected. We recommend refrigerating the Buttah for approximately 15-20 min BEFORE opening the tin. This will re-solidify the Buttah.  


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